Potential complications of SHPT

Learn what could happen if your secondary hyperparathyroidism
is not treated

Female secondary hyperparathyroidism patient making tea
Icon showing parathyroid glands

Your parathyroid glands may grow, allowing them to produce even more parathyroid hormone and make your condition worse.1

Heart icon

Calcium combined with phosphate may become deposited in your blood vessels and heart, making them harden1,2 and increasing your risk of heart complications,3–5 including abnormal heart rhythm,6 heart valve disease7 and heart attack.8

Bone icon

Your bones may become weak due to loss of calcium,9–11 increasing your risk of fractures.3,5,12

Icon showing parathyroid glands

Over time, your enlarged parathyroid glands may become less sensitive to medication, making your secondary hyperparathyroidism more difficult to treat13–15 and forcing the need for your parathyroid glands to be either partially or completely removed through surgery.1

Kidney icon

Some research even suggests that your chronic kidney disease may progress more rapidly to the stage where you need dialysis.5,16

Female secondary hyperparathyroidism patient making tea
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